ClearWater Tanks Concrete Water Tanks in NSW

ClearWater Tanks & Troughs

Your clear choice for concrete water tanks and troughs in NSW.
The more durable, cost-effective and healthier option,
for residential, industrial and commercial water storage.

ClearWater Tanks Steel Liner Tank in NSW

Steel Liner Tank

  • all galvanised
  • all trusses – hot gal dipped
  • polyfabric liner
  • lockable manhole
  • dust and vermin proofing
  • Australian Owned and Australian Made – manufactured in Manildra NSW
ClearWater Tanks Sprayed Concrete Water Tanks in NSW

Sprayed Concrete Tanks

  • cement-rich mortar with steel mesh
  • able to withstand impact and shock
  • built on site with concrete conical roofs
  • inhibits algae growth and neutralises acidity
  • excellent water quality and temperature
ClearWater Tanks Concrete Water Troughs in NSW

Concrete Stock Troughs

  • durable construction
  • different sizes and heights for range of livestock
  • with or without floats
  • delivery can be arranged
  • optional erosion and stabilising pad

Concrete Water Tanks in NSW

The Choice is Clear: ClearWater!

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