Why Choose Concrete Water Tanks?

Concrete water tanks are perfect for Australian conditions. They are the only tanks that are bushfire proof, can be placed in-ground and last much longer than any other type of water tank. Plus, they are better for your health.

Yes, better for your health! Let us explain: Firstly, concrete naturally reduces acidity in rainwater. It also keeps your water cooler and therefore bacteria free and for over 100 years they have been proven to be free from algae, cryptosporidium and Legionnaires disease.

A report on ABC South East in November 2010 examined copper poisoning caused by acidic rainwater from plastic tanks corroding household copper water pipes. It also stated “It’s usually not an issue with concrete tanks as they leach lime into the water, reducing the acidity and therefore reduces its corrosion of copper pipes”. Read the full article here.

Your ClearWater Concrete Tank Options

concrete water tanks sprayed ClearWater Tanks

Seamless Concrete Tanks

  • can be built above or below ground
  • one of the strongest on the market
  • won’t slit, melt or blister with heat or fire
  • mould-poured, therefore no seam
  • residential and commercial options available
  •  virtually indestructible, built to last
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Steel Liner Tanks ClearWater Tanks

Steel Liner Tanks

  • all galvanised
  • all trusses – hot gal dipped
  • polyfabric liner
  • lockable manhole
  • dust and vermin proofing
  • Australian Owned and Australian Made – manufactured in Manildra NSW
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Benefits Of A ClearWater Concrete Tank

✓ Above or Below Ground Options

ClearWater Concrete Tanks can be constructed both above and below ground. Above ground tanks are built with a conical roof and below ground with a flat roof. When space is limited, underground water tanks are the perfect solution. The ground space saved can be used for other things eg. barbecue, patio or garden area. ClearWater Concrete Tanks are tough and durable making them an ideal solution for below ground application.

✓ Virtually Indestructible

ClearWater Concrete Tanks are virtually indestructible. They are fire resistant, wind resistant and stock resistant. The last thing you need during a natural disaster such as a bushfire or flood is for your water supply to be lost.

The robust nature of ClearWater Concrete Tanks is just one of the many reasons so many people are returning to concrete tanks. Concrete tanks can withstand the elements and also the test of time – they are tough wearing and long lasting. Don’t risk the inconvenience and expense of a water shortage!

✓ Choice of Colour & Roof

With the durability of concrete tanks and the health security also comes style. ClearWater Concrete Tanks are completed with a stipple finish and can be painted in your choice of colour, matching perfectly with your surroundings. Alternatively, ClearWater Concrete Tanks can be built below ground, out of sight. Can be built with a conical or flat roof

✓ A Healthy Alternative

Concrete tanks do not experience hotspots with water temperature generally much lower than tanks made from other materials. Lower water temperature means the chance of algae growing in the tank are almost entirely eliminated. Concrete keeps water cool even during hot weather and the water does not taint

✓ Value Adding Investment

Whether building or improving, a ClearWater tank will add value to your property. Enjoy the satisfaction and security that an abundance of fresh clean water brings for the new home, existing homestead, holiday cottage, hobby farm, garden, stock watering, school or industry. Concrete tanks are tough wearing and long lasting.

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