Seamless Concrete Tanks

Our seamless tanks are cast using high quality steel moulds, 32MPA concrete is used and vibrated into place to achieve maximum density. They are available in 60,000 litre, 90 000 litre and 120,000 litre capacities and can be built above or below ground.

Seamless Concrete Tanks are durable, with more concrete and stronger reinforcement making our tanks one of the strongest on the market. These tanks weigh over 50 tonne empty – with this amount of concrete and material, you know they are built to last!

All tanks have a precast overflow and outlet. They are constructed using high density concrete (32MPA) thus giving increased strength and resistance to water seepage.

Reinforced seamless concrete tanks are constructed using an inside and outside mould. The concrete is poured from the top of the mould which then flows down the wall and onto the floor, therefore no seam. These tanks are poured using 32MPA concrete at 80 slump.

The walls are 130mm thick and base & lid both 150mm thick. The roof can be built with concrete or corrugated iron with your choice of colour. The concrete roof can be reinforced to withstand any load (ie pedestrians, vehicles, dirt) or any industrial application. As with our other concrete tanks, the seamless tanks can be buried underground or installed above ground, depending on your requirements.

Specifications and Site Preparation


Seamless Tank Specifications

Litres Gallons Diameter Height
60,000 15,000 6.5m 2.28m
90,000 20,000 7.6m 2.28m
120,000 26,000 8.6m 2.28m

Seamless Tank Site Preparation

  • Tank site needs to be level within 50mm.
  • Loose material (eg crushed dirt, river sand) spread out over site.
  • For underground water tanks, the ramp must conform to WorkCover Safety: 3m wide and 1:4 gradient (allows for men and trucks to work down ramp).

To download the site plan information for installing our seamless tanks, click here.

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